DNA and Ancestry

Learning about your ancestry and DNA can be exciting. Just image the new things you will learn about previous generations and yourself. Once you get the results, you’ll be amazed with what you’ll learn.

Check out the top Five reasons why countless others have taken DNA and Ancestry tests:

Learn about DNA Ethnicity

  • DNA Ethnicity
  • Trace Migration Paths of Ancestors
  • Learn about your family heritage
  • Discover new family members
  • Learn about health traits

DNA Ethnicity

DNA ethnicity is the mapping of you. It gives you insight about you and your individual traits. Genetic ethnicity helps to trace back to your origins throughout history. It provides an overview of the bloodlines that have mixed over the generations to make the unique person called “You!”

Best of all, it can provide insights into why you have certain personal characteristics. For example, maybe you’ve always wondered why your hair is redder than other members of your generation. Or, you many you’re just a curious soul that wants to know. Either way, knowing what went in to making you the unique person you are is great to know.

Trace Migration Paths of Ancestors

Since the birth of man, humans have migrated to and from nearly every inch of our amazing planet. Where did yours come from? Did they migrate from Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Africa? Best of all tracing a migration path connects you to places in the world where your story started. It provides insight to how previous generations may have lived and even provide you with an exciting reason and adventure to visit a specific region.

Learn about your Family Heritage

Look at the many leavings and branches of your family tree. As you climb into your family tree, maybe you will gain some hints about a specific ancestor. You could even learn the names of your great-grand parents and learn about other long-lost family members. Best of all, you could see photos, events and placed that shaped them and now, through generations, help to build the unique person you are today.

Discover new family members

Maybe you remember the stories your grandmother told you about one of her cousins that lived on the other side of the country. A person she knew when she was growing up, but lost contact with those many years ago. This may be a great time to connect with that part of your family tree.

Learn about Health Traits

Get a snap you can share with your health care provider. You’re made up of the DNA from your ancestors. Understanding your health traits helps you to enjoy the peace of mind coming with about your body and your genes.

Get started today to understand your family history, your DNA and more.​

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