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My husband turned 50 several years ago and always resisted taking a colon test. I read about the home colon test. We just received the results. The test was easy to understand. Best of all, he now agrees to take a test annually. We have many more years ahead of us.

​Virginia O. - Detroit, MI

​I always wondered if my family roots were was from Ireland or Scotland. I took the heredity test and I have both Irish and Scottish family heritage. I also planned a trip to visit Scotland  and Ireland later this year. I have I already reconnected with a 3rd cousin in Ireland.

​Clare J. - ​Myrtle Beach, SC

For the first few ​months after my husband retired, he said he was just ​"relaxing" in the morning. But soon after he ​started feeling "under the

​weather". I had ​him take a home test When we got the results back, we immediately showed our doctor. The results of that test saved his life.

Maria F. - ​Columbus, OH